Ooh, Aah & You

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Ooh, Aah & You
Ooh and aah monkeys.png
Left and right: Ooh and Aah - the two monkey mascots.
Genre Children
Voices of Marty Stelnick
Jason Hopley (UK & United States)
Simon Kennedy
Matt Moore (AUS & NZ)
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons

2 for long

2 for short
Running time 22 minutes (long format)
3 minutes (short format)
Production company(s) Kick Start Productions
Original channel Playhouse Disney
Original run July 2005 – February 13, 2011 (2011-02-13)

Ooh, Aah & You was a series of short programs for children which aired during the Playhouse Disney line up. They were a pair of monkey puppets. This series of short skits debuted in July 2005. On March 31, 2007, they became the official hosts of Playhouse Disney. They introduced the various long format (22 minute) and short format (1-3 minute) shows that aired on the network.

It completed its run on February 13, 2011, the day before Disney Junior debuted, meaning that the short programs and mascots were eliminated all together and reruns of segments were removed completely. After the daily sign-off was presented for the very last time on that day, the mascots were removed from Disney Junior completely for the time being. It was considered to be a lost television series since it was never to be found anywhere because it was never picked up by Disney Junior. The segments and short programs of the show were briefly seen on Disney Junior's official website as part of its "Fan Favorites" week on the week of July 18, 2011. It currently airs on Disney Junior: The Channel every weekday morning at 10:55 a.m. ET or 11:25 a.m. ET.


Marty Stelnick Season 1 and Later Simon Kennedy Season 2 as Ooh, Aah's older brother the calm blue monkey, loves to read and listen to classical music.

Jason Hopley Season 1 and Later Matt Moore Season 2 as Aah, Ooh's younger brother the hyper red monkey, loves to dance, sing, and play.


  • United Kingdom and United States - Marty Stelnick and Jason Hopley provided the voices of Ooh and Aah respectively.
  • Australia and New Zealand - In Australia and New Zealand the voices of Ooh and Ahh were provided by Sydney based Comedian Simon Kennedy and Actor Matt Moore respectively.


  • The first version were Ooh and Aah smiling. Aah grabs a banana and the bananas read, "Print and Color". Ooh grabs the pineapple's top and Rollind pops up. The pineapple reads, "Watch a Video". The female voiceover is heard in the US and the male voiceover is heard in the UK. The video clips are short. "Say Hello to Ooh and Aah" is used below the list.
  • The second version is the same as the first version. The party hat has "Going Bananas" in it and Aah surprises it. The video clips are long than short.
  • The third version were Ooh and Aah welcoming the website. "GAMES" replaces "Print and Color" and "ACTIVITIES" replaces "Watch a Video". There's a guitar with "MUSIC" in it and a book with "STORIES" in it. Games has Ooh and Aah's Coco-Nutty Bowling and Inspector Ooh: The Great Monkey Detective. Activities has Print and Color, Watch a Video and Ooh and Aah's Fetch-A-Fruit. Music has Going Bananas. Stories has Wish You Were Here. The new video clips are short.
  • The fourth and final version was the same as the third version. A new game, Ooh and Aah's Costume Catch is used in the Games section and a new story, Ooh and Aah's What's in the Birthday Box? Storybook is used in the Stories section. Wish You Were Here is in the Activities section instead of the Stories section. The new video clips are long than short.

Episode List (According To Youtube)[edit]

(Not in any specified order)

1. Happy Monkey July 15, 2005 Long Format

2. Loud & Quiet July 29, 2005 Short Format

3. Banana Power August 12, 2005 Short Format

4. I Spy Bananas August 30, 2005 Short Format

5. Halloween September 13, 2005 Long Format

6. Ooh's Birthday September 30, 2005 Long Format

7. Coconut Song October 14, 2005 Long Format

8. Monkercise November 4, 2005 Short Format

9. Monkey Dance December 9, 2005 Short Format

10. Monkey See, Monkey Do December 13, 2005 Short Format

11. Monkey In The Middle January 13, 2006 Short Format

12. Twinkle Twinkle January 20, 2006 Short Format

13. Banana Day January 27, 2006 Short Format

14. Cowboy Day February 7, 2006 Long Format

15. Penguins & Elephants February 17, 2006 Short Format

16. Hide And Seek March 10, 2006 Short Format

17. Valentine's Day March 24, 2006 Long Format

18. Friendship Day April 14, 2006 Long Format

19. Pretend Fleas February 13, 2011 Short Format

20. Pirate Day

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