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The Opal Storage Specification from the Trusted Computing Group is a set of Storage Workgroup specifications which provides a comprehensive architecture for putting Storage Devices under policy control as determined by the trusted platform host. The capabilities of the Storage Device to conform with the policies of the trusted platform and the lifecycle state of the Storage Device as a Trusted Peripheral.

OPAL SSC Overview[edit]

The Opal SSC (Security Subsystem Class) is an implementation profile for Storage Devices built to:

  • Protect the confidentiality of stored user data against unauthorized access once it leaves the owner's control (involving a power cycle and subsequent deauthentication).
  • Enable interoperability between multiple SD vendors.

OPAL SSC Functionalities[edit]

The Opal SSC has a wide set of functionalities:

  • Security Provider Support
  • Interface Communication Protocol
  • Cryptographic Features
  • Authentication
  • Table Management
  • Access Control & Personalization
  • Issuance
  • SSC Discovery

OPAL SSC Features[edit]

  • Security Protocol 1 Support
  • Security Protocol 2 Support
  • Communications
  • Protocol Stack Reset Commands

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