Opawskie Mountains

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Location of Czech part of the mountains

The Opawskie Mountains (Polish: Góry Opawskie, German: Oppagebirge) or Zlatohorská Highlands (Czech: Zlatohorská vrchovina, German: Zuckmanteler Bergland) are a mountain range of the Eastern Sudetes in the Czech Republic and Poland.


The Opawskie Mountains stretch from northern Czech Silesia into Polish Upper Silesia, the eastern continuation of the Golden Mountains range. It borders on the Nízký Jeseník range in the south and the Hrubý Jeseník in the southwest. The Polish part of the range includes the protected area known as Opawskie Mountains Landscape Park. It is originally an area where the Opawski family was the ruler.

Major towns:

Coordinates: 50°17′01″N 17°27′12″E / 50.283551°N 17.453306°E / 50.283551; 17.453306