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Not to be confused with Opal.

Opel, German automobile company Adam Opel AG.

Opel may also refer to:-


  • Adam Opel (1837–1895), founder of the German automobile company Opel
  • Fritz von Opel (1899–1971), the only child of Wilhelm von Opel, and a grandson of Adam Opel, founder of the Opel Company
  • Jackie Opel (1938–1970), gifted dancer
  • John R. Opel (1925–2011), U.S. computer businessman
  • Nancy Opel (born c. 1957), American singer, actress, and teacher
  • Rikky von Opel (born 1947), is a former racing driver from Liechtenstein
  • Robert Opel (1939–1979), American photographer
  • Wilhelm von Opel (1871–1948), one of the founding figures of the German automobile manufacturer Opel