Opel Frogster

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Opel Frogster
Manufacturer Opel
Body and chassis
Class Concept car
Engine Front-Mounted

The Opel Frogster was a 2001 concept car created by Opel. The Frogster could be transformed from a convertible to a roadster or a pickup truck by using a built-in PDA mounted between the two front seats. The Frogster was mainly targeted towards younger buyers. There are no plans for the Frogster to go into production.


The Opel Frogster boasted a lot of new technology not yet used by any production automobile. It featured a PDA between the two front seats that could be used to control most of the functions of the car. It is also unusual in that it could literally transform the car into three different body styles.


The Opel Frogster was named from an early Opel model from the 1920s called the "Laubfrosch". The Laubfrosch was nicknamed the "Tree Frog" by the younger crowd because of its bright green color. When Opel designers were thinking of creating a new concept car, they were excited by the new Opel Speedster. While thinking of creating the look of the new concept car, someone called out to paint it green and call it the Frogster.

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