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OpenBEXI HTML Editor
Developer(s) arcazj
Stable release 4.1 / May 4, 2012 (2012-05-04)[1]
Development status Active
Written in JavaScript, Java
Operating system Cross-platform
Type HTML editor, text editor
License GPL

OpenBEXI HTML Builder is a WYSIWYG website editor.[2] It makes text, pictures, and all other widgets edited in your browser look like the Web page you are going to publish with the OpenBEXI publisher.

OpenBEXI Creative integrates the CKE editor, a picture browser, a simile timeline, DOJO toolkit, calendars, charts, form input validations, and grids which allow Web developers to quickly develop intelligent Web-based applications.

Publishing and managing your web site[edit]

OpenBEXI is a web builder that comes with tools to create, manage and publish your web projects to your Internet site provider.

Open Source[edit]

OpenBEXI is an experimental WYSIWYG Builder Editor using and integrating various Web technologies like SIMILE, JFreeChart, Ajax, CKE, Dojo Toolkit.


The OpenBEXI code is released under the GNU General Public License.[3] You can download OpenBEXI from any providers hosting Open Source.[4][5]


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