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Developer(s) The OpenBSD Project
Development status Planned
Operating system Multiplatform
Type Revision control software
License BSD

OpenCVS is a BSD-licensed implementation of the popular Unix version control software called Concurrent Versions System. OpenCVS is developed as a part of the OpenBSD project by Jean-Francois Brousseau, Xavier Santolaria, Niall O'Higgins and others.

OpenCVS aims to be as compatible as possible with the GNU CVS implementation without compromising security or source code correctness, and to provide better access control.[1] As of December 2004, the project website claims that "OpenCVS [is to be] released soon"[2] and the project shows CVS activity as recent as January 2014. The project is still (occasionally actively) being developed.


Because of the development of OpenCVS the developers saw the need for OpenRCS also and OpenBSD has started to develop a version of RCS also.


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