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OpenCms 7.0 backend (en).png
Developer(s) Alkacon Software and the OpenCms community
Stable release 9.0.1 / February 6, 2014 (2014-02-06)
Operating system Cross-platform
Platform Java, XML
Type Content management system
License GNU Lesser General Public License

OpenCms is an open source content management system[1] written in Java.[2][3] It is distributed by Alkacon Software under the LGPL license.[4] OpenCms requires a JSP Servlet container such as Apache Tomcat.[4]

It is a CMS application with a browser-based work environment, asset management, user management, workflow management, a WYSIWYG editor, internationalization support, content versioning, and many more features including proxying of requests to another endpoint.[2]

OpenCms was launched in 1999,[4] based on its closed-source predecessor MhtCms. The first open source version was released in 2000.

OpenCms has been used by large organizations such as the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the LGT Bank of Lichtenstein, BP South Africa, and UNICEF Netherlands.[4]

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