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Type Private
Industry E-learning, Open Educational Resources and Educational Software
Founded Los Gatos, California, United States (August, 2012)
Founders Adam Blum, Lisa Blum
Headquarters Los Gatos, California
Area served United States
Key people Adam Blum, Lisa Blum

OpenEd is an online catalog of educational videos, games and assessments aligned to Common Core and other standards. The site also offers a learning management system (LMS), which allows teachers to create courses, while incorporating resources.[1] The company has recently stated that current functionality of searching and LMS of the site is free and will continue to be free going forward. OpenEd claims to be the largest catalog of educational videos all aligned to the Common Core State Standards Initiative.[2]


OpenEd was founded in August 2012, with the purpose of providing a catalog of educational resources and aligning them to Common Core and other standards. The OpenEd cataloging process is not consistent with the current industry standard of crowdsourcing and curating individually, rather OpenEd has implemented the use of algorithms for automated alignment of resources combined with professional educator curators to validate those alignments. The process allows for a bigger scale of aligned content. At present moment the site contains over 180,000 resources available, most of them aligned to the Common Core.[3]

Soon after the initial launch of the site OpenEd built a native LMS, available to registered users and began to provide support to other learning management systems such as Edmodo.

The site also initially launched with the goal of providing materials cataloged to Common Core and in recent months has expanded to include other standards, such as Next Generation Science Standards. OpenEd is continuing to add other standards such as UK and Singapore Standards.[4]

OpenEd was formally launched in October 2013


The OpenEd site consists of several components, working together to help teachers find resources for their class and the standards they might be teaching.[5]

OpenEd Catalog[edit]

The OpenEd Catalog is built by deep semantic crawling of Internet-based educational resources and hosting sites,; it imports extensive metadata on each resource (videos, games, exercises and other content) determining their creator, subject area, duration, quality, and grade level. The resulting catalog of resources is then aligned to standards probabilistically. The results are then curated and validated through professional educators and then posted live on OpenEd.

OpenEd Search[edit]

The catalog on OpenEd is searchable by keyword and by standard: Common Core Math, Common Core Language Arts, Next Gen Science Standards, California History and New York Common Core Social Studies. The search provides multiple videos, games and exercises for each of the individual standards that OpenEd tracks. Users can also search the OpenEd catalog by keyword.

OpenEd LMS[edit]

OpenEd’s resources can be used in other LMS (such as Edmodo, Moodle or Instructure) by sharing the resource and pasting the link into the LMS. OpenEd also includes its own LMS oriented around building resource-intensive courses, also known as flipped classroom courses. Teachers can assign recommend resources to course topics or search for resources by standard or keyword.


The site is being sustained by a family and friends round of funding.

Management Team[edit]

  • Adam Blum, CEO
  • Lisa Blum, VP of Marketing

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