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OpenEmulator icon
OpenEmulator User Interface
Developer(s) Marc S. Ressl
Stable release 1.0.3 / July 17, 2012; 2 years ago (2012-07-17)
Operating system Mac OS X
Type Emulator
License GPL

OpenEmulator is a portable emulator of legacy computer systems. Because it uses a software components framework, emulations can be expanded interactively with additional devices.


OpenEmulator focuses on a framework [1] on which many computer systems can be emulated. Currently, there is support for:

Video rendering[edit]

Apple II render comparison of OpenEmulator and OSXII

The emulator features GPU-accelerated video rendering,[2] which enables real-time PAL/NTSC decoding and the simulation of many CRT monitor effects. This emulator is particularly notable because it uses OpenGL to simulate the barrel distortion and phosphor glow of old 1970s and 1980s-era CRT monitors. It is also the only Apple emulator other than MESS to offer Videx emulation.

Component framework[edit]

OpenEmulator contains a component framework that computer programmers can use to develop their own emulation. The basis of an emulation is an XML description called "Emulation Description Language".[3] This is similar to NetBeans and allows the description, connection and configuration of software components which makes it easier to interconnect different CPUs, address decoders, memories, chip-sets or input/output devices. This modular design enables different CPU and memory management unit (MMU) architectures found in the various Apple // models (all of which use very different discrete logic under the hood.)

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