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OpenQM is a Multi-Value (MV) database run-time developed by Ladybridge Systems in the United Kingdom. The product architect is Martin Phillips.

OpenQM history[edit]

OpenQM was first developed in 1993 as an in-house embedded database. It was released as a full featured run-time and development environment in 2001, initially for Windows and subsequently for Linux. Although primarily a commercial product, an open-source General Public Licence version was released in 2004 for Linux to allow developers to experiment with ideas for possible inclusion in the commercial product. In Late 2008 a community driven site formed to direct a fork of the GPL release that is not associated with Ladybridge Systems, ScarletDME

OpenQM is dual-licensed, much like MySQL. This allows open-source applications to freely use the software under the GPL, while still allowing commercial users the flexibility, additional functionality, and support of a commercial license.

Unique Multi-Value features[edit]

OpenQM is a multivalue database, and, as such, shares many aspects in common with similar Pick-descended databases. It also has a number of features not found in most other commercial MV databases, such as auto-sizing of database files, 'binary clean' execution of QMBasic, and, perhaps uniquely in the MV world, object, class and exception handling support in Basic. Support for arbitrarily multi-dimensional data collections was added in 2014 to extend the data model beyond the three dimensions supported by most multi-value systems. This functionality makes creation, parsing or processing of JSON strings very easy, simplifying web development.


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