Open Book (Video)

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Open Book
Video by Gary Barlow
Released 16 Mar 1998
Length 80:00
Label Sony BMG/RCA
Director Simon Fellowes
Producer Vladimir Fetin

"Gary Barlow: Open Book" is a set of recorded interviews with Gary Barlow in 1997 and 1998 which he is shown to express his feelings on the Take That split and how he is adjusting to his solo career. The video was also packed with a promo of the single "Hang On In There Baby" which was released around Europe commercially but not in the UK.

Video Information[edit]

This release contains the 4 music videos of the hit singles: "Forever Love", "Love Won't Wait", "So Help Me Girl" and "Open Road" as well as a video diary about the artist's life since the split with Take That.[1] Barlow also sings "Your Song" after commenting on how fond he is of the song's structure.[2]


1 "Forever Love" Film Director - Sophie Muller

2 "Love Won't Wait" Film Director - Rocky Schenk

3 "So Help Me Girl" Film Director - Rocky Schenk

4 "Open Road" Film Director - Thom Oliphant


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