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Open Sources 2.0 is a book published by O'Reilly Media. Following on the popularity of Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution, it is a second anthology of essays written by luminaries of the open source and free software movements. The essays explore open source's impact on the software industry and reveal how open source concepts are infiltrating other areas of commerce and society.

The book is edited by Chris DiBona, Mark Stone and Danese Cooper The essays contained were written by

Alolita Sharma, Andrew Hessel, Ben Laurie, Boon-Lock Yeo, Bruno Souza, Chris DiBona, Danese Cooper, Doc Searls, Eugene Kim, Gregorio Robles, Ian Murdock, Jeff Bates, Jeremy Allison, Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona, Kim Polese, Larry Sanger, Louisa Liu, Mark Stone, Matthew N. Asay, Michael Olson, Mitchell Baker, Pamela Jones, Robert Adkins, Russ Nelson, Sonali K. Shah, Stephen R. Walli, Steven Weber, Sunil Saxena, Tim O'Reilly, Wendy Seltzer

First Edition published in October 2005, ISBN 0-596-00802-3.

The book is open source itself, published under a free license. Printed copies can be purchased, but the book is also available in its entirety for free online reading at the publisher's web site.[1] Its sequel is similarly licensed, and has been made available through


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