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Open University of Kaohsiung
Seal of the Open University of Kaohsiung
Motto 精勤恆實[1]
Motto in English Expertise, diligence, perseverance, pragmatism
Established 1997 (1997)
Type Municipal
Religious affiliation Kaohsiung City Government
Officer in charge Mayor Chen Chu
President Chang, Huey-Por (張惠博)
Provost Lee, Wen-kwei (李文魁)
Students 16,000
Location Siaogang, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
22°33′58″N 120°20′45″E / 22.5662°N 120.3457°E / 22.5662; 120.3457Coordinates: 22°33′58″N 120°20′45″E / 22.5662°N 120.3457°E / 22.5662; 120.3457
Campus Suburban
Open University of Kaohsiung

The Open University of Kaohsiung (OUK; Chinese: 高雄市立空中大學; pinyin: Gāoxióng Shìlì Kōngzhōng Dàxué) is an open university in Siaogang District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. OUK is an agency of the Kaohsiung City Government.


The OUK was originally established in 1997 as the Opening University of Kaohsiung. In 2008, it was renamed to Open University of Kaohsiung.[2]


  • Department of Law and Political Science
  • Department of Industrial and Business Administration
  • Department of Mass Communication
  • Department of Foreign Languages and Literature
  • Department of Culture and Art
  • Department of Technology Management
  • General Education Center

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