Opequon Union Order of Battle

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The following Union Army units and commanders fought in the Battle of Opequon of the American Civil War. The Confederate order of battle is listed separately.

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military rank[edit]


Army of the Shenandoah[edit]

MG Philip Sheridan, Commanding

VI Corps[edit]

MG Horatio Wright

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division

    BG David Allen Russell (k)
    BG Emory Upton (w)
    Col Oliver Edwards

1st Brigade (First New Jersey Brigade)

   Ltc Edward L. Campbell

  • 4th New Jersey: Cpt Baldwin Hufty
  • 10th New Jersey: Maj Lambert Boeman
  • 15th New Jersey: Cpt William T. Cornish
2nd Brigade

   BG Emory Upton
   Col Joseph Eldridge Hamblin

3rd Brigade

   Col Oliver Edwards
   Col Isaac C. Bassett

  • 37th Massachusetts: Ltc George L. Montague
  • 49th Pennsylvania: Ltc Baynton J. Hickman
  • 82nd Pennsylvania: Col Isaac C. Bassett
  • 119th Pennsylvania: Ltc Gideon Clark
  • 2nd Rhode Island (Battalion): Cpt Elisha Hunt Rhodes
  • 5th Wisconsin (Battalion): Maj Charles W. Kempf

Second Division

     BG George W. Getty

1st Brigade

   BG Frank Wheaton

  • 62nd New York: Ltc Theodore B. Hamilton
  • 93rd Pennsylvania: Ltc John S. Long
  • 98th Pennsylvania: Ltc John B. Kohler
  • 102nd Pennsylvania: Maj James H. Coleman
  • 139th Pennsylvania: Maj Robert Munroe
2nd Brigade (First Vermont Brigade)

   Col James M. Warner
   Ltc Amasa S. Tracy
     (supervised part of the line)

3rd Brigade

   BG Daniel D. Bidwell

  • 1st Maine Veterans: Maj Stephen C. Fletcher
  • 43rd New York: Maj Charles A. Milliken
  • 49th New York (battalion): Ltc Erastus D. Holt
  • 77th New York: Ltc Winsor B. French
  • 122nd New York: Maj Jabez M. Brower
  • 61st Pennsylvania (battalion): Cpt Charles S. Greene (w); Cpt David J. Taylor

Third Division

     BG James Ricketts

1st Brigade

   Col William Emerson

2nd Brigade

   Col J. Warren Keifer

Artillery Artillery Brigade

   Col Charles H. Tompkins

Army of West Virginia[edit]

Bvt MG George Crook

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division

     Col Joseph Thoburn

1st Brigade

   Col George D. Wells

  • 34th Massachusetts: Maj Harrison W. Pratt
  • 5th New York Heavy Artillery, 2nd Battalion: Major Caspar Urban
  • 116th Ohio: Ltc Thomas F. Wildes
  • 123rd Ohio: Cpt John W. Chamberlain
3rd Brigade

   Col Thomas M. Harris

Second Division (Kanawha Division)

     Col Isaac H. Duval (w)
     Col Rutherford B. Hayes

1st Brigade

   Col Rutherford B. Hayes
   Col Hiram F. Devol

2nd Brigade

   Col Daniel D. Johnson (w)
   Ltc Benjamin F. Coates

Artillery Artillery Brigade

   Cpt Henry A. du Pont

XIX Corps[edit]

BG William H. Emory

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division

     BG William Dwight

1st Brigade

   Col George L. Beal

  • 29th Maine: Maj William Knowlton, Cpt Alfred L. turner
  • 30th Massachusetts: Cpt Samuel D. Shipley
  • 114th New York: Col Samuel R. Perlee (w); Maj Oscar H. Curtis
  • 116th New York: Col George M. Lowe
  • 153rd New York: Col Edwin P. Davis
2nd Brigade

   BG James W. McMillan

Division Artillery
  • New York Light Artillery, 5th Battery - Lt John V. Grant

Second Division

     BG Cuvier Grover

1st Brigade

   BG Henry W. Birge

2nd Brigade

   Col Edward L. Molineux

  • 13th Connecticut: Col Charles D. Blinn
  • 3rd Massachusetts Cavalry (dismounted): Ltc Lorenzo D. Sargent
  • 11th Indiana: Col Daniel Macauley
  • 22nd Iowa: Col Harvey Graham
  • 131st New York: Col Nicholas W. Day
  • 159th New York: Ltc William Waltermire
3rd Brigade

   Col Jacob Sharpe (w)
   Ltc Alfred Neafie

  • 38th Massachusetts: Ltc James P. Richardson (w); Maj Charles F. Allen
  • 128th New York: Cpt Charles R. Anderson
  • 156th New York: Ltc Alfred Neafie; Cpt James J. Hoyt
  • 175th New York (3 companies): Cpt Charles McCarthy
  • 176th New York: Maj Charles Lewis
4th Brigade

   Col David Shunk

  • 8th Indiana: Ltc Alexander J. Kenny
  • 18th Indiana: Ltc William S. Charles
  • 24th Iowa: Ltc John Q. Wilds
  • 28th Iowa: Ltc Bartholomew W. Wilson
Division Artillery
Artillery Reserve

   Cpt Elijah D. Taft

Cavalry Corps[edit]

Bvt MG Alfred T. A. Torbert

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

First Division

     BG Wesley Merritt

1st Brigade

   BG George A. Custer

  • 1st Michigan Cavalry: Col Peter Stagg
  • 5th Michigan Cavalry: Maj Smith H. Hastings
  • 6th Michigan Cavalry: Col James H. Kidd
  • 7th Michigan Cavalry: Maj Melvin Brewer
  • 25th New York Cavalry: Maj Charles J. Seymour
2nd Brigade

   BG Thomas C. Devin

  • 4th New York Cavalry: Maj August Haurand (w); Maj Edward Schwartz
  • 6th New York Cavalry: Maj William E. Beardsley
  • 9th New York Cavalry: Ltc George S. Nichols
  • 19th New York Cavalry (1st Dragoons): Col Alfred Gibbs
  • 17th Pennsylvania Cavalry: Maj Coe Durland
Reserve Brigade

   Col Charles Russell Lowell

Second Division

     Bvt MG William W. Averell[1]

1st Brigade

   Col James M. Schoonmaker

  • 22nd Pennsylvania Cavalry: Ltc Andrew J. Greenfield
  • 8th Ohio Cavalry: Col Alpheus S. Moore
  • 14th Pennsylvania Cavalry: Cpt Ashbell F. Duncan; Cpt William W. Miles
2nd Brigade

   Col William H. Powell

Division Artillery
  • 5th U.S. Artillery, Battery L: Lt Gulian V. Weir

Third Division

     BG James H. Wilson

1st Brigade

   BG John B. McIntosh (w)
   Ltc George A. Purington

  • 1st Connecticut Cavalry: Maj George O. Marcy
  • 3rd New Jersey Cavalry: Maj William P. Robeson, Jr.
  • 2nd New York Cavalry: Cpt Walter C. Hull
  • 5th New York Cavalry: Maj Abram H. Krom
  • 2nd Ohio Cavalry: Ltc George A. Purington; Maj A. Bayard Nettleton
  • 18th Pennsylvania Cavalry: Ltc William P. Brinton (w); Maj John W. Phillips
2nd Brigade

   BG George H. Chapman

Horse Artillery Horse Artillery

   Cpt La Rhett L. Livingston

  • 1st United States, Batteries K and L: Lt Franck E. Taylor
  • 2nd United States, Batteries B and L: Cpt Charles H. Pierce
  • 2nd United States, Battery D: Lt Edward B. Williston


  1. ^ Averell’s (later William H. Powell’s) Division was officially the 2nd Cavalry Division of the Dept. of West Virginia (Eicher p.110). The regular 2nd Division of the Cavalry Corps was commanded by David M. Gregg on detached duty along the Petersburg Front.