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For Super Junior's 3rd Japanese single "Opera", see Opera (Super Junior song).
Turkey "Opera"
Eurovision Song Contest 1983 entry
Country Turkey
Artist(s) Çetin Alp
With The Short Waves
Language Turkish
Composer(s) Buğra Uğur
Lyricist(s) Aysel Gürel
Conductor Buğra Uğur
Finals performance
Final result 19th
Final points 0
Appearance chronology
◄ "Hani?" (1982)   
"Halay" (1984) ►

"Opera", written by Buğra Uğur and Aysel Gürel, was the song performed by Çetin Alp & The Short Waves that represented Turkey at the Eurovision Song Contest 1983.

The song was performed 6th on the night, following Italy's Riccardo Fogli with "Per Lucia" and preceding Spain's Remedios Amaya with "Quién maneja mi barca". The song received 'nul points' from the 19 other countries taking part, placing joint last of 20 together with Spain who also failed to score.

The song was succeeded as Turkish representative at the 1984 contest by Beş Yıl Önce, On Yıl Sonra with "Halay".


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