Operation Bretagne

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Operation Bretagne
Part of First Indochina War
Date 1 December 1952 - 4 January 1953
Location South of the Red River, between Nam Dinh and the sea
Result French Union victory
France French Union North Vietnam Viet Minh
Commanders and leaders
General de Berchoux
Colonel de Monclard
Vo Nguyen Giap
4 Mobile Groups
2 Amphibian Sub-Group
7th Regiment (Division 304)
48th Regiment (Division 320)
Casualties and losses
unknown unknown

Operation Bretagne was a French Union military operation between 1 December 1952 and 4 January 1953, during the First Indochina War.

Four Mobile Groups (Groupes Mobiles, GM) and General de Berchoux's two Amphibian Sub-Groups hunted and engaged the 9th Regiment (Division 304) and the 48th Regiment (Division 320) who were threatening the bishopric of Bui Chu. Defeated the Viet Minh split in small groups, disguised themselves with peasant clothes and escaped to the south.

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