Operation Brochet

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Operation Brochet
Part of the First Indochina War
Red hong rivermap.png
Location of the Red River Delta
Date August - October 1953
Location French Indochina
Result Viet Minh victory

France French Union

North Vietnam Viet Minh
~9,000 - 15,300 ~10,000
Casualties and losses
96 dead[1] 10 dead[1]

Operation Brochet took place during the French Indochina War, between August and October, 1953. A combined arms operation, Brochet involved 18 battalions of French and South Vietnamese troops and 42nd and 50th Viet Minh Regiments,[2] fighting in the southern reaches of the Red River Delta near Tonkin in North Vietnam.[3] The 1st and 2nd Parachute Battalions of the French Foreign Legion (BEP),[1][3] and the 1st and 3rd Colonial Parachute Battalions (BPC) took part,[4] as did forces of the Vietnamese National Army.[2] Their objective was to sweep the Delta and remove Viet Minh influence.[2]

Brochet enjoyed only limited success.[3] By October 11, 1 BEP had lost 96 men against only 10 confirmed Viet Minh casualties,[1] and despite French efforts between 5,000 and 7,000 of the Delta villages remained under Viet Minh control.[2]


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