Operation Diadem order of battle

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Operation Diadem order of battle is a listing of the significant formations that were involved in the fighting on the Winter Line and at the Anzio bridgehead south of Rome during Operation Diadem in May - June 1944 which resulted in the Allied breakthrough at Cassino and the breakout at Anzio leading to the capture of Rome.

Allied Armies in Italy[edit]

C-in-C: General Sir Harold Alexander
Chief of Staff: Lieutenant-General Sir John Harding

U.S. Fifth Army[edit]


Lieutenant-General Mark Wayne Clark

U.S. VI Corps (at Anzio)[edit]

Major-General Lucian K. Truscott

U.S. II Corps (on the Winter Line)[edit]

Major-General Geoffrey Keyes

French Expeditionary Corps (on the Winter Line)[edit]

General Alphonse Juin

Army Reserve[edit]

British 8th Army (on the Winter Line)[edit]


Lieutenant-General Sir Oliver Leese

XIII Corps[edit]

Lieutenant-General Sidney Kirkman

Canadian I Corps[edit]

Lieutenant-General E. L. M. Burns

Polish II Corps[edit]

Lieutenant-General Władysław Anders

British X Corps[edit]

Lieutenant-General Sir Richard McCreery

Army Reserve[edit]

British V Corps (On the Adriatic front in a holding role directly under A.A.I.)[edit]

Lieutenant-General Charles Allfrey

German Army Group C[edit]


Field Marshal Albert Kesselring

Army Group Reserve[edit]

German Fourteenth Army (at Anzio)[edit]

Commander: Lieutenant-General Eberhard von Mackensen (until end May 1944, then under direct command of Kesselring)

German I Parachute Corps[edit]

Lieutenant-General Alfred Schlemm

German LXXVI Panzer Corps[edit]

Lieutenant-General Traugott Herr

German Tenth Army (on the Winter Line)[edit]

Commander: General Heinrich von Vietinghoff

XIV Panzer Corps[edit]

Lieutenant-General Frido von Senger und Etterlin (on leave 17 April to 17 May during which time Lieutenant-General Otto Hartmann[4])

LI Mountain Corps[edit]

Lieutenant-General Valentin Feurstein

Korpsgruppe Hauck (on Adriatic front in holding role)[edit]

Major-General Friedrich-Wilhelm Hauck

Armeegruppe von Zangen (in northern Italy)[edit]

Commander: Lieutenant-General Gustav von Zangen

LXXV Corps[edit]

Lieutenant-General Anton Dostler

Corps Witthöft (Eastern sub-Alpine region)[edit]

Lieutenant-General Joachim Witthöft

Corps Kübler (Adriatic coastal region)[edit]

Lieutenant-General Ludwig Kübler
  • 278th Infantry Division (most of) (Major-General Harry Hoppe)


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