Operation Lorraine

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Operation Lorraine
Part of First Indochina War
Date October 29-November 8, 1952
Location Nghia Lo, Vietnam
Result Indecisive
Flag of France.svg French Union Flag of North Vietnam 1945-1955.svg Viet Minh
Commanders and leaders
Raoul Salan Vo Nguyen Giap
30,000 Unknown
Casualties and losses
1,200 killed, wounded, missing Unknown

Operation Lorraine was a French military operation of the First Indochina War.

The main objective for the French was to lure the Viet Minh into open battle and inflict a crushing defeat on them. Giap failed to take the bait and Salan canceled the operation and the French withdraw to the de Lattre line. A detailed account of this operation can be found in Bernard B. Fall's "Street Without Joy".

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