Ophir, New South Wales

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Ophir is the name of a locality in New South Wales, Australia in Cabonne Shire.

Ophir is located near the Macquarie River northeast of the city of Orange. Ophir is the place where gold was first discovered in New South Wales in 1851, leading to the Australian gold rushes[citation needed].

The Hatton brothers, Will and Jack, and Edward Hargraves found payable gold in February 1851 at the Ophir gold diggings, located at the confluence of Summer Hill Creek and Lewis Ponds Creek 33°10′7.68″S 149°14′19.68″E / 33.1688000°S 149.2388000°E / -33.1688000; 149.2388000. Hargraves was awarded £10,500 (worth $1,125,434 in 2004 values) by the NSW Government.

Coordinates: 33°10′S 149°14′E / 33.167°S 149.233°E / -33.167; 149.233