Ophthalmic zoster

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Ophthalmic zoster
Herpes zoster ophthalmicus.2.jpg
Herpes zoster ophthalmicus
Classification and external resources
ICD-10 B02
ICD-9 053.20
DiseasesDB 29119
MedlinePlus 000858
eMedicine med/1007 derm/180 emerg/823 oph/257 ped/996

Ophthalmic zoster is a cutaneous condition, a specific type of herpes zoster affecting the ophthalmic division of the fifth cranial nerve.[1]:380[2] Can occur in up to 10% of shingles. Hutchinson sign, rash on the tip of the nose, is a strong indicator of ocular involvement. Any potential ocular involvement should be assessed by an ophthalmologist as complications such as episcleritis and uveitis May occur. Treatment is usually with antivirals such as acyclovir orally

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