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Villa Römer

Opladen, now a district of Leverkusen, used to be the capital of the Rhein-Wupper-Kreis (Rhine-Wupper-District) up to 1975. Opladen station is located 10 m. N.E. from Cologne on the railway to Wuppertal. It's is also on the Autobahn A3. Pop. (1905) 6338, (1975) 42,000. It has an Evangelical and several Roman Catholic churches. It used to have dyeing works, manufactures of dynamite, indigo products, publishing companies and a railway plant. Before passing to Prussia, Opladen belonged to the duchy of Berg.


Opladen is an ideal centre from which to explore the Wuppertal area of Germany. Transport links to Cologne are cheap and plentiful, with day tickets available covering all local providers. The town is host to one of the best beer festivals in Germany. This takes place in early August each year. The town itself is a pleasant place to stay with a pedestrianised centre with a 'cafe culture' feel.

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Coordinates: 51°04′N 7°01′E / 51.067°N 7.017°E / 51.067; 7.017