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Opolje location within the Prizren municipality.

Opolje or Opoja (Albanian: Opoja; Serbian: Опоље, Opština Opolje) is northern region of the municipality of Dragaš in the southernmost part of Kosovo, with Gora being the southern region of Dragaš.

Opolje comprises 19 villages with a population of 30,000 (including Dragaš). Its population is almost exclusively of Albanian ethnicity, whereas the population of the Gora region to the south includes a large Gorani minority. Only the town of Dragaš has a mixed ethnicity.

Originally Opolje and Gora were separate municipalities, but they were merged into the municipality of Dragaš by the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK). Serbia has not officially recognized this act. Opolje is part of the District of Prizren.

A view of the Opoja region

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Coordinates: 42°03′38″N 20°38′25″E / 42.06056°N 20.64028°E / 42.06056; 20.64028