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Oppera is an American band consisting of singer Martika and her husband Michael Mozart. They began recording together and released their first album, Violince, in 2004. A co-headlining tour in support of the album occurred that year with singer Pat Benatar and her husband Neil Geraldo.[1]

In 2005, they released a second album titled Oppera and toured Borders Books locations.[2][3]

Both albums were released on Dunda Chief Records.[4]

A website was set up and an online fan club called Aria 51 was formed. Both had a military motif. They were both taken down in December 2007 with the promise of a revamped site, but as of October 2009, they remain vacant.

In June 2009, it was announced that the duo, now going by the stage names Michael Daemon and Vita Edit, had produced and were starring in a web-based television series called j8ded, which centers around a fictional rock band from the UK. According to the website, they were "thrown out of England" and "their possessions and monies are frozen" through a "monumental mistake". The duo heads to the USA to try to rebuild their careers.[citation needed]


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