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Opposing Views (also known as OV) is an American online news aggregator which presents left-leaning, right-leaning and centrist views to a large audience. The site has gained popularity through its active and engaged community, and also for breaking some of 2012's biggest viral stories. It has been referenced on MSNBC, The Colbert Report and in numerous publications. OV also publishes unique perspectives on current events in politics, sports, and entertainment. As of early, 2014 OpposingViews.com will generate over 9 million visitors per month and is ranked #315 on Quantcast.


The web site was originally launched in 2006 by Russell Fine as a platform for news and structured debate. The original investors included Gil Elbaz, FCC Chairman Mike Powell, and the Frontera Group. This group contributed nearly $2 million worth of funding over three years and four rounds of funding. In 2010, OpposingViews embraced its community's growing need for honest news and downplayed elements of the debate platform. In late 2010, Deep Dive Media acquired OpposingViews.com and focused it solely on news. Among its strongest proponents has been tech guru Andrew Keen, who described the site as "convincing proof that Web 2.0's cult of amateur content is rapidly going out of fashion" and that "the Internet's new 'new thing' is expertise."

Contributors of original content to the site include Zeyno Baran, Joshua Marquis, Wesley J. Smith, Elliot Dorff, Jacob M. Appel, and Tibor Machan.[citation needed]

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