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Origin Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
Genres Punk rock, new wave, alternative rock
Years active 1999-2004
Labels Makoton
Associated acts Fol jazik
Aleksandar Makedonski
Past members Vladimir Petrovski - Karter

Opstrukcija (Macedonian: Опструкција, obstruction) was a Macedonian rock band from Skopje. It started in 1999 and ended in 2004. Its only known member is Vladimir Petrovski - Karter. Only two songs are known by this band: Odam and Let vo prazno. Odam was available as a free download from an old version of Karter's film production website and Let vo prazno was available on a compilation CD Preku takvoto. The band no longer exists.

An album called Sistem was alluded to by Badmingtons's biography on their MySpace page.

A 1-minute snippet of the song "Odam"'s video is available from the Badmingtons MySpace page and was recently uploaded to YouTube by a member of the ex-Yugoslav music Internet scene.[1] The video appears to contain scenes of the band playing the song juxtaposed with a scantily-clad woman.


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