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Optand Teknikland is a museum which is located at the Östersund-Optand airfield southwest of Östersund. It was opened on 5 June 2010.[1] The basis for the museum was the Flyg- och Lotta museum which had been open since 1994.[2] The museum is driven by the Aktiebolag Optand Teknikland AB. The largest museum in Jämtland, Jamtli owns 55% of the shares. Three other nonprofit organizations own 15% each: the Jämtlands flyghistoriska förening, Militärhistoriska föreningen i Jämtlands län, and Jemtlands Veteranbilklubb. The museum is mainly financed by Statens Försvarshistoriska museer, The ERDF as well as private donors.[3]

The museum consists of three different exhibitions. There is the Garage (Garaget) which is an antique car exhibition with older cars as well as models. Also the Flyg & Lotta museum which contains all the jet-aircraft that have previously been on the Airforce-wing F 4 Frösön. There is also a room for Lottorna, who had a canteen during the late 1930s–1940s (when the airfield was a secret military airbase in preparation for a German attack). And at last the Garrison (Garnisonen), which is a building containing weapons, uniforms and vehicle models of Swedish army history, mostly from the former Östersund regiments I5 and A4.

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