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Optical Mechanics, Inc. or OMI is a high-end American telescope and optics instrument manufacturer. OMI was founded in 2002 and produces observatory telescopes, Lidar telescopes, optical tube assemblies, telescope mirrors and reflective coatings for mirrors. OMI mirrors are used by other telescope makers such as Obsession Telescopes.[1] Also taking on custom projects, they produced the 48-inch Dob, a 48.875-inch-diameter (1,241.4 mm) aperture, f/4, Dobsonian telescope called "Barbarella" and featured in Astronomy Technology Today magazine (June 2008 Issue).[2][3] OMI is located in the US state of Iowa.

SuperWASP cameras are mounted on an OMI equatorial mount

OMI produced the 60 cm, f/10 telescope for TUBITAK National Observatory in Turkey. OMI built the telescope mount for the SuperWASP telescope.[4] The Robotic telescope Rigel Telescope was finished in 2002, a Talon program controlled 0.37-meter (14.5 in) F/14 telescope.[5]

OMI Evolution-30[edit]

OMI developed the 30-inch mirror for Obsession Telescopes's 30-inch reflector [6] When Obsession withdrew from the 30-inch market, OMI still wanted to offer their 30-inch mirrors.[7] Drawing on help from Obsession Telescopes and their own experience with the OMI 48-inch telescope, they offered the OMI Evolution-30 in 2009.[7]


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