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OrangeScape Technologies Limited
Privately held company
Industry Cloud computing
Founded 2003
Headquarters Chennai, India
Products Platform as a service, Kissflow
Revenue $10.5 million
Number of employees
Slogan write once. cloud anywhere.

OrangeScape is a software product developed by a Chennai-based company with the same name, with the purpose of simplifying business application development.[1] OrangeScape uses a spreadsheet like development environment for creating business applications. In December 2008, the company entered platform as a service space with its cloud version. The product was rewritten to run its development environment on the browser and to support cloud-oriented datastores such as BigTable. The 3.0 version allows applications developed on OrangeScape development environment to be deployed on Google App Engine.


Prior to 3.0, the product was called as OrangeScape DimensioN. From 3.0 onwards, the product has been called simply OrangeScape. This product has three major components: OrangeScape Studio, OrangeScape Enterprise, OrangeScape Cloud.[2]

The browser based development environment is called OrangeScape Studio.[3] It provides 4 design perspectives:

  • Model design: spreadsheet like interface to define the data model and the business logic that captures application data.
  • Form design: to customize the look and feel of the underlying business model and make it more usable for the end users.
  • Process design: to define how the model should move from one user to another based on the data/decision made by the previous user.
  • Action design: to build composite command chain that can be used for tasks such as mail notification, integration etc.

The application developed using OrangeScape Studio can be deployed as on-premise application using OrangeScape Enterprise or as SaaS application using OrangeScape Cloud. OrangeScape Cloud uses GAE, offering a shared-everything or a shared-processing multitenancy models. Shared-processing is achieved by deploying the application into different Google app engine accounts. OrangeScape Enterprise runs on JEE application servers and supports standard databases including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and IBM DB2.[4]


OrangeScape is commonly used for building process oriented business applications. Most of the corporate customers of OrangeScape use its enterprise version to run custom built applications in their data-center. Some of the new customers are building SaaS applications that run on OrangeScape Cloud.[5]

The company claims to make business application development simpler by using spreadsheet & process design interface, so that domain experts and business analysts can build applications on their own.[6]



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