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Orange Then Blue is an experimental big band from Boston, Massachusetts led by drummer George Schuller. Several well known jazz musicians have performed with the group as either members or guests, including trumpeters Dave Douglas and Cuong Vu, as well as saxophonist Chris Speed, and trombonist Peter Cirelli. Bandleader Schuller is the son of Gunther Schuller. This medium-sized orchestra has recorded a number of albums, and can fall under a variety of musical categories due to its rather free approach toward performance and composition.


  • Music For Jazz Orchestra (1986, GM Recordings)
  • Where Were You? (1987, GM)
  • Jumpin' in the Future (1988, GM)
  • Funkallero (1991, GM)
  • While You Were Out (1992, GM)
  • Hold the Elevator (1999, EM)

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