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Type pilsner
Manufacturer United Dutch Breweries BV
Country of origin Netherlands
Introduced 1671
Alcohol by volume Extra Strong 8.5% ABV
Super Strong 12.0% ABV

Oranjeboom (Dutch pronunciation: [oːˈrɑɲəˌboːm]) is a Dutch lager brand owned by United Dutch Breweries BV. The main beer produced under the brand name is Oranjeboom Premium Pilsner - a 5% ABV lager. There is also an Extra Strong 8.5% ABV version, a Super Strong 12.0% ABV version as well as lower strength and alcohol-free versions and a bokbeer sold under the brand name.

Brief details[edit]

The name Oranjeboom literally translates as "Orange Tree" in English and symbolizes the Dutch Royal Family tree.[1]

The brand was originally brewed at the Oranjeboom Brewery in Rotterdam (founded 1671), but that closed in 1990 and production shifted to the Breda brewery. In 1995, the Breda brewery was sold to Interbrew. In 2004, it was closed by InBev, Interbrew's successor. Production was moved to the Dommelsch brewery where production techniques shifted and new ingredients were used.

In October 2013 Oranjeboom was relaunched as a "quirky" new European style lager.

International versions[edit]

  • The lager is brewed in Faversham, UK under license by Shepherd Neame at a strength of 3.9%.[1]
  • Oranjeboom pilsener brewed in Germany is labeled for US sales and exported to the US.
  • A high percentage Oranjeboom has been imported to the UK, in 50cl cans at 8.5% ABV
  • In New Zealand, Oranjeboom has been brewed under license by Lion Nathan since 2005.[2]

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