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Background Information
Origin Boston, MA, USA
Genres alternative rock
Years Active 2008 - Present
Website www.oranjuly.com

Oranjuly is an American alternative rock band based in Boston, Massachusetts founded in 2008 by American songwriter Brian E. King (singer/multi-instrumentalist). Their sound has been described by music journalists as a mix of Weezer and The Beach Boys [1][2][3] because of their catchy songwriting, intricate arrangements and heavy usage of vocal harmonies. The name Oranjuly is a combination of King's favorite color and birth month.[4]

Oranjuly's self-titled album was released on July 2, 2010 during a show at The Middle East.[5] Songs for the album were written and recorded by King over several years since his first songwriting sessions in 2005.[6]


Though King recorded Oranjuly's songs himself, he recruits other Boston-based musicians to play live shows and occasionally record.

  • Brian E. King - songs/arrangements/recordings, vocals, guitar, keys
  • Lou Paniccia - drums
  • Matt Girard - Bass & Guitar


Oranjuly (2010)

  1. Her Camera (3:28)
  2. Mrs. G. (3:32)
  3. I Could Break Your Heart (3:41)
  4. The Coldest Summer (2:48)
  5. Hiroshige's Japan (2:24)
  6. Personal Ads (3:17)
  7. 207 Days (3:38)
  8. South Carolina (2:20)
  9. Hollywood Blues (4:54)
  10. At Any Time (2:16)


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