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Orb-3D Cover.jpg
Cover art
Developer(s) Software Toolworks, Inc.[1]
Publisher(s) Hi Tech Expressions
Composer(s) Peter Stone
Platform(s) Nintendo Entertainment System
Release date(s) October 1990
Genre(s) puzzle/action
Mode(s) Single-player

Orb-3D is an action/puzzle game for the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System.


You are an Explorer First Class, on assignment in a remote corner of the universe. Space stations, Colonial Cruisers and whole solar systems have mysteriously disappeared in this region. A nearby planet is buzzing with rumors of an evil space wizard, Krohn. He controls an enormous Black hole which has already begun to double in size. Your ship, the Millennium Orb, is the only space craft capable of withstanding the energy forces of Krohn's Black Hole. There are 30 Enigma Chambers separating you from Krohn. Each chamber will test your wits, skill, cunning and courage. You must keep the Millennium Orb in position by manipulating force shields at the top and bottom of each chamber in Krohn's domain. You must keep within the plane and deal with the dangers hurled at you by the malicious wizard. The fate of the entire Universe is in your hands.

The game is noteworthy for employing the Pulfrich effect, an optical trick created with the use of "3-D" glasses (of which one lens is clear and the other tinted) that come with the game. The effect is produced by the constantly moving player ship.


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