Orb (river)

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Beziers Frankreich.jpg
Orb River in Béziers.
Origin Massif Central
Mouth Mediterranean Sea
43°14′47″N 3°17′54″E / 43.24639°N 3.29833°E / 43.24639; 3.29833 (Mediterranean Sea-Aude)Coordinates: 43°14′47″N 3°17′54″E / 43.24639°N 3.29833°E / 43.24639; 3.29833 (Mediterranean Sea-Aude)
Basin countries France
Length 136 km
Source elevation 820 m
Avg. discharge 25 m³/s
Basin area 1,400 km²

The Orb is a 145 km long river in the Herault département of Southern France that flows into the Mediterranean Sea, in Valras-Plage. The river flows through the towns Bédarieux and Béziers, where it is crossed by the canal du Midi on the Orb Aqueduct. In ancient times, the Orb was crossed at Capestang by the 1500 m long Roman Pont Serme.[1]


The Orb river flows through the following towns:


The following rivers flows into the Orb:

  • Jaur (30 km)
  • Lirou (30 km)
  • Mare (29 km)
  • Taurou (25 km)
  • Vernazobre (24 km)
  • Rieutort (18 km)
  • Héric (14 km)


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