Orchard Hill Observatory

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Orchard Hill Observatory
Orchard Hill Observatory.jpg
Orchard Hill Observatory, circa 2011
Organization University of Massachusetts Amherst
Location Amherst, Massachusetts, USA
Altitude 413 feet
Weather Amherst Weather
Established 1965[1]
Orchard Hill Observatory
  Group 128 Inc. X16 cassegrain reflector

The Orchard Hill Observatory is an astronomical observatory located at the highest point on the University of Massachusetts Amherst campus. Constructed in 1965, the observatory is a modest brick building with a 16 inch Cassegrain reflector optical telescope. It is maintained and operated by the UMass Astronomy Department, is used for several community events and is regularly open for public viewing on Thursday nights.

This image of Comet Holmes was taken from Orchard Hill Observatory

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