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"Orchard Road" is a song recorded by Leo Sayer for his album Have You Ever Been in Love. The song made number 16 on the UK Singles Chart in 1983.[1]

Its music was composed by Alan Tarney with the lyrics by Leo Sayer.[2]


It is thought by some[who?] that the song title refers to the famous retail and entertainment hub of Orchard Road in Singapore, and the cover artwork of a 12" release featuring the song depicts Orchard Road scenery. However, according to Sayer, the lyrics to the song are based on an all-night phone conversation out in a public telephone booth he had with his then wife, pleading for her return from her flat and forgiveness after a lapse of judgement in their 7-year marital life. The song title is a made-up road name. Orchard Road in reality, refers to Churchfield Road, Acton in Greater London where his ex-wife Janice had moved out to.[3]


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