Orco Valley

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Orco Valley
Valle Locana or Valle di Ceresole
Valle orco dalla cialma.jpg
Winter panorama of the valley from La Cialma (Locana)
Vallocanaposizione it.png
Location of the valley in Piedmont, northern Italy
Location Italy
Floor elevation 300 - 4.061 m
Long-axis length 50 km around
Type Glacial valley[1]
Population centers Alpette, Ceresole Reale, Locana, Noasca, Pont Canavese, Ribordone, Sparone, Cuorgnè

The Orco Valley (Italian: Valle dell'Orco) is a valley in the Piedmont region of northern Italy located in the Graian Alps. The valley takes its name from the Orco river, which flows through the valley.

The valley connects Pont Canavese to the Colle del Nivolet. It is the site of a series of hydroelectric power plants, including that of the Lake of Ceresole.

The main municipalities in the Orco Valley are Locana, Noasca and Ceresole Reale.


Summits in the valley include:


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