Order of Carol I

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Order of Carol I
Ordinul Carol I
Star of the order
Awarded by Royal standard of Romania (King, 1922 model).svg King of Romania
Type Dynastic order
Royal house House of Romania
Religious affiliation Romanian Orthodox
Ribbon Pale blue with gold edges bearing a narrow red stripe.
("To Victory Through Steadiness")
Awarded for Conspicuous and special merit
Status Currently constituted
Sovereign King Michael I of Romania
Grand Master Queen Anne
Grades (w/ post-nominals) Knight Grand Cross with Collar, Knight/Dame Grand Cross, Knight/Dame Grand Officer, Knight/Dame Commander,
Established 10 May 1909
1909 - 1947 (National Order)
1947 - present (House Order)
Next (higher) None (Highest)
Next (lower) Order of the Crown
The ribbon of the order

The Order of Carol I is a chivalric order of the Kingdom of Romania instituted on the 10 May 1909[1] by King Carol I of Romania to celebrate his jubilee of 40 years of reign. Until the fall of the monarchy in 1947, the order was the highest ranking order of the kingdom. Currently it is awarded as a dynastic order by the head of the Romanian Royal Family, King Michael I of Romania.[2]


The order has only the superior classes, each of them with limited numbers:[3]

  • Grand Collar (limited to 10)
  • Grand Cross (limited to 20)
  • Grand Officer (limited to 30)
  • Commander (limited to 40)

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