Orders, decorations, and medals of Brazil

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The following is a list of the orders, decorations, and medals of Brazil:[1]

National orders and decorations[edit]

Former orders[edit]

Military awards and decorations[edit]

Decorations for military bravery[edit]

  • Navy Cross (Navy)
  • Combat Cross Second Class (Army)
  • Combat Cross First Class (Army)
  • Bravery Cross (Air Force)

Wound medals[edit]

  • Blood Of Brazil Medal
  • Blood Cross (Air Force)

Wartime medals for operational service[edit]

  • Campaign Cross (War of 1914-1918)
  • Victory Medal (War of 1914-1918)
  • Medal of Distinguished Service (Navy)
  • MSG Naval.jpg War Services Medal with stars (Navy)
  • Northeast Naval Force Medal (Navy)
  • Southern Naval Force Medal (Navy)
  • BRA Campaign Medal.png Campaign Medal (Army)
  • Aviation Cross, ribbon A (Navy)
  • BRA Italian Campaign Medal BAR.jpg Italy Campaign Medal Italy (Navy)
  • Aviation Cross, ribbon B (Navy)

Outstanding service awards[edit]

  • Distinguished Service Cross (Air Force)
  • Medalha da vitória.png Medal of Victory
  • Medalha Marechal Cordeiro de Farias.png Marshal Cordeiro de Farias Medal of Merit

Military good service awards[edit]

  • Military Medal
  • Troops Medal
  • Good services Medal of the Military Police of the Federal District
  • Medal of Merit for the officers and men of the Federal District Fire Brigade

Medals for contribution to national war efforts[edit]

  • MSG Naval.jpg War Services Medal without star (Navy)
  • BRA War Medal.png War Medal
  • BRA Medal of the South Atlantic Campaign BAR.jpg Medal of the South Atlantic Campaign

Military service medals[edit]

  • Naval Medal of Distinguished Service
  • Medalha do Pacificador.png Peacemaker Medal
  • Santos-Dumont Medal of Merit Ribbon.pngMedal of Merit Santos Dumont
  • Marshal Trompowsky Medal
  • Medalha do Mérito Tamandaré.png Medal of Merit Tamandaré
  • Amazonic Service Medal
  • Medal Bartolomeu de Gusmão
  • Airborne Medal of Merit


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