Orders of battle for Downfall

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The units listed to participate in Operation Downfall—the Allied invasions of Japan— in about August 1945 were:

Order of Battle for Olympic[edit]



    • 100 Koryu-class midget submarines, 250 Kairyu-class midget submarines, 1,000 Kaiten manned torpedoes, 800 Shinyo suicide boats

Order of Battle for Coronet[edit]



All Japanese formations on Honshu were badly understrength and lacking in equipment. The American First Army's landings would likely have been opposed by the Japanese 52nd Army and the Eighth Army's landings by the Japanese 53rd Army.

  • First General Army (Field Marshal Hajime Sugiyama
    • Twelfth Area Army (Gen. Shizuichi Tanaka)
      • 36th Army - Urawa, Saitama
        • 81st Infantry Division
        • 93rd Infantry Division
        • 201st Infantry Division
        • 202nd Infantry Division
        • 206th Infantry Division
        • 214th Infantry Division
        • 1st Armored Brigade
        • 4th Armored Brigade
      • 51st Army - Tsuchiura, Ibaraki
        • 44th Infantry Division - Ogawa
        • 151st Infantry Division - Mito
        • 221st Infantry Division - Kashima
        • 115th Independent Mixed Brigade - Shibasaki
        • 116th Independent Mixed Brigade - Hokota
        • 7th Independent Armored Brigade - Ogawa
      • 52nd Army - Sakura, Chiba
        • 3rd Imperial Guards Division - Naruto
        • 147th Infantry Division - Mobara
        • 152nd Infantry Division - Choshi
        • 234th Infantry Division - Sōsa
        • 3rd Independent Armored Brigade
        • 8th Artillery Headquarters
      • 53rd Army - Isehara, Kanagawa
        • 84th Infantry Division -Odarawa
        • 140th Infantry Division - Kamakura
        • 316th Infantry Division - Isehara
        • 117th Independent Mixed Brigade - Numazu
        • 2nd Independent Armored Brigade - Tsudanuma
        • 11th Artillery Headquarters - Hiratsuka
      • Tokyo Bay Garrison - Choshi, Chiba
      • 321st Infantry Division - Tokyo


  1. ^ a b c d e The majority of these units (86,000 men total) would have been ordered to counterattack at Ariake, though it is questionable how many of the tanks would have been able to survive an air attack.