Radziwiłł Family Fee Tail

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Coat of Arms of the Radziwiłł family
Possessions of Radziwiłł family are marked in blue
Castle in Nieśwież, residence of the ordynats of the "Nieśwież Fee Tail"
Castle in Ołyka

Radziwiłł Family Fee Tail (Polish: Ordynacja Radziwiłłów) was a fee tail established in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and owned by the Radziwiłł family.

Three family fee tail estates were established on the basis of an agreement between the three sons of Mikołaj Czarny Radziwiłł on August 16, 1586 in Grodno. The "Nieśwież Fee Tail" (Ordynacja Nieświeska), "Ołyka Fee Tail" (Ordynacja Ołycka) and "Kleck Fee Tail" (Ordynacja Klecka). It was approved by the Sejm in 1589. Ordynat was the title of the principal heir of the Ordynacja.

The family fee tail existed in partitioned Poland and the Second Republic of Poland until the end of World War Two. The last ordynat was Prince Leon Władysław Radziwiłł (1888-1956).[1]

Ortynats of the Estate[edit]

Nieśwież Fee Tail (Ordynacja Nieświeska)[edit]

Kleck Fee Tail (Ordynacja Klecka)[edit]

Ołyka Fee Tail (Ordynacja Ołycka)[edit]

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