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Ore is a term for mineral deposits.

Ore may also refer to:

  • Ore, rock that contains minerals
  • Öre, the one-hundredth of the Swedish krona.
  • Øre, the one-hundredth of the Danish or Norwegian krone
  • Ore, a Japanese pronoun
  • Operation Ore, a controversial police operation targeting child pornography

ORE may refer to:


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Places with the name Oare, mediaeval spelling Oare or Ore[edit]

  • OARE, medieval spelling Ore (disambiguation)
  • Oare or Ore, Berkshire, a parish and village in Berkshire (Oare), Church of St Bartholomew
  • Oare or Ore, Somerset, a parish and village in Somerset near Exmoor (Oare)Church of St Mary the Virgin
  • Oare or Ore, Kent, a parish and village in Kent, near Faversham(Oare)Church of St Peter, 12th and 13th centuries.
  • Oare or Ore, Wiltshire, a parish and village in Wiltshire, near Marlborough (Oare) Church of The Holy Trinity. 1857-8 by S.S. Teuton, Pevsner said it may well be considered the ugliest church in Wiltshire. older spelling recorded in Order of Blazon (www.briantimms.net/)No. 4461 - Richard de Ore, and Heralds Roll No. 655 - Robert de Ore - Argent three bars azure a bend gules bezanty.