Ore ga Ojō-sama Gakkō ni "Shomin Sample" Toshite Rachirareta Ken

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Ore ga Ojō-sama Gakkō ni "Shomin Sample" Toshite Rachirareta Ken
Ore ga Ojousama Gakkou ni "Shomin Sample" Toshite Rachirareta Ken, Light Novel, vol.1.jpg
Cover of Ore ga Ojō-sama Gakkō ni "Shomin Sample" Toshite Rachirareta Ken volume 1 published by Ichijinsha.
Genre Harem
Light novel
Written by Takafumi Nanatsuki
Published by Ichijinsha
Demographic Male
Original run December 2011 – ongoing
Volumes 7
Written by Takafumi Nanatsuki
Illustrated by Risumai
Published by Ichijinsha
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Comic Rex
Original run July 2012 – ongoing
Volumes 4
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Ore ga Ojō-sama Gakkō ni "Shomin Sample" Toshite Rachirareta Ken (俺がお嬢様学校に「庶民サンプル」として拉致られた件?), also known as Syomin Sample (庶民サンプル Shomin Sample?)[1] is a Japanese light novel series by Takafumi Nanatsuki. The light novel has been published by Ichijinsha since December 2011. As of July 2014, seven volumes have been published. A manga adaptation began serialization in Ichijinsha's Comic Rex magazine in July 2012. A drama CD was released on February 20, 2013. An anime adaptation has been announced.[2]


Kimito Kagurazaka is an ordinary high school student. One day, he is enrolled in a school where its noble female students are cut off from the rest of the world to preserve their innocence. This deep isolation causes a large number of graduates to be unable to cope with the outside world... thus, to deal with this problem, they have decided to kidnap a male commoner - which happens to be Kimito - hoping that his "common man's" influence will be a gentle way to introduce the girls to the realities of life outside. Unfortunately for Kimito, the school only considered him a candidate for this project because they thought that he was a homosexual with a muscle fetish - therefore no threat to the innocent girls' chastity. Once he learns that he might be castrated should this be proven otherwise, he has no choice but to cooperate. Soon after his enrollment, he has his first, fateful meeting with Aika Tenkūbashi, a student who can alternately be shy, stubborn, and/or pretentious, but who is also innocently fascinated by the outside world. It is from here that the story begins.


Kimito Kagurazaka (神楽坂 公人 Kagurazaka Kimito?)
Voiced by: Kaito Ishikawa (drama CD)
The main protagonist of the series; a commoner who is forced to enroll at the school after being kidnapped. Kimito immediately notices how detached the girls are from the outside world; his first informal speech at the commencement ceremony leaves them flabbergasted, and seeing a cell phone for the first time excites them far more than it should. The staff has falsely announced to the school that he is a homosexual with a muscle fetish to protect the girls' pride (and chastity). To help offset the strain of living up to his false credentials, his room in the school dormitory is renovated to look exactly like his bedroom at his family's home. His personal maid (in name only), Miyuki Kujou, is an extremely sadistic person... yet she secretly kisses him in the morning to wake him up. He and Aika often chat in his room, where he enjoys trolling her with jokes about real-life topics that exploit her tendency for pretension as well as her *very real* innocence. He has a childhood friend named Eri Hanae who claims to be his girlfriend and who is upset about his sudden transfer away from home.
Aika Tenkūbashi (天空橋 愛佳 Tenkūbashi Aika?)
Voiced by: Asami Seto (drama CD)
The primary heroine of the series; she is childish, naïve, and shy about talking to others. This distances her from them even though she wishes to be popular among her peers. Aika is strongly fascinated of the outside world; things like the PSP, ramen, and manga are but a few of her interests. She asks Kimito to teach her how to be a commoner, and declares the establishment of the Commoner Club with Kimito as the master. She seems to have feelings for Kimito beyond that of master and disciple, however; it is shown in a flashback to her childhood that a boy (Kimito) once helped her escape to see the wonderful things the outside world had to offer.
Reiko Arisugawa (有栖川 麗子 Arisugawa Reiko?)
Voiced by: Ai Kayano (drama CD)
Reiko is considered the most innocent, pleasant, and cheerful girl in the school. Because of his earnest attempts to help her and the other girls with learning the Commoner Way, she quickly grows fond of Kimito and falls in love with him. She is someone who always acts positive, however, her personality drastically changes when she learns about Aika's plan to help her reconcile with her friends and classmates after an uncharacteristic outburst. She doesn't want to accept Aika's help, and bitterly confronts her about her actions. In the end, the situation is resolved aimably, but in turn this breeds a rivalry for Kimito's affections. Reiko joins the Commoner Club to stay close to Kimito and interfere with the advances of other girls.
Hakua Shiodome (汐留 白亜 Shiodome Hakua?)
Voiced by: Rina Hidaka (drama CD)
A short, soft-spoken, exteremly youthful girl genius who is very antisocial... until she grows attached to Kimito (which shocks her maids). Hakua is an expert in mathematics and the sciences, and habitually documents new equations on any convenient walls. She goes into a strange daze at such times, and wriggles out of her clothes as she writes. Her family owns a cellular phone company.
Karen Jinryō (神領 可憐 Jinryō Karen?)
Voiced by: Sachika Misawa (drama CD)
A girl from a samurai family who carries a katana, even on school grounds. Her fear of insects causes her to reflexively slash others nearby (though their clothes are often the primary casualties). After Karen inadvertently experiences a humiliating defeat at the hands of Kimito, she believes herself to have become weak and swears to stick closely by his side - determined to kill him whenever a chance presents itself.


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