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Orebites (Czech: Orebité) were followers of the Hussites in Eastern Bohemia. The founders took part in the procession on the Mount Oreb near Třebechovice pod Orebem. Later most of the noble supporters belonged to the East Bohemian church known as the Bohemian Brethren. The ideological founder of the Orebites was a priests named Ambrož Hradecký. Leaders included Hynek Krušina of Lichtenburg and Diviš Bořek of Miletínek, captain of the Hussites in Eastern and Central Bohemia. The Orebites were instrumental in the burning of the Benedictine monastery in Mnichovo Hradiště in the early summer of 1420 and supported in the autumn of 1420 the rest of the Hussites at the Battle of Vyšehrad. In 1423 they merged with the Sirotčí of Jan Žižka.

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