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Oregon's congressional districts since 2013

The U.S. state of Oregon has had five United States congressional districts since 1982, when the Fifth District was added. Boundaries were redrawn following the population changes to each district as determined by the 1990, 2000, and 2010 Censuses. Although early projections suggested that Oregon might gain a sixth congressional district as a result of the 2010 Census,[1] the state's population was about 42,000 people short of gaining a new district.[2]

Current districts and representatives[edit]

District Representative Party CPVI Incumbent time in office District map
1st Suzanne Bonamici, official portrait, 112th Congress.jpg Suzanne Bonamici (DBeaverton) Democratic D+7 January 31, 2012 – present Oregon US Congressional District 1 (since 2013).tif
2nd Greg Walden Congressman.jpg Greg Walden (RHood River) Republican R+10 January 3, 1999 – present Oregon US Congressional District 2 (since 2013).tif
3rd Earlblumenauer.jpeg Earl Blumenauer (DPortland) Democratic D+22 May 21, 1996 – present Oregon US Congressional District 3 (since 2013).tif
4th Peter DeFazio, Official Portrait, 112th Congress.jpg Peter DeFazio (DSpringfield) Democratic D+2 January 3, 1987 – present Oregon US Congressional District 4 (since 2013).tif
5th Kurt schrader.jpg Kurt Schrader (DCanby) Democratic EVEN January 3, 2009 – present Oregon US Congressional District 5 (since 2013).tif

Obsolete districts[edit]

Historical boundaries[edit]

Congressional boundaries, 2003 to 2012

The congressional district boundaries established after the 2000 United States Census were very similar to the current boundaries, with minor changes only to balance population.[3][4]

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