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The Department of Education of the U.S. state of Oregon is responsible for implementation of state policies with respect to public education at the kindergarten through community college level, including academic standards and testing, credentials, and other matters not reserved to the local districts and boards. [1] The department is overseen by the state Board of Education acting through the Governor of Oregon, who is the Superintendent of Public Instruction. The Governor appoints a Deputy Superintendent to act as chief administrator of the department who carries out the state policies set by the board and by the Oregon State Legislature.[1][2]

The department serves 199 elementary and secondary school districts and 20 education service districts, which serve over 500,000 students.[1]

The department also manages several educational institutions and programs directly, including the Oregon School for the Blind and the Oregon School for the Deaf, coordinates educational programs for juvenile offenders, and assists local districts and boards with statutory and regulatory compliance.[1]

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