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What is the Oregon Department of Energy?

The mission of the Oregon Department of Energy is to reduce the long-term costs of energy for Oregonians – including environmental and public health. The Oregon legislature created the department in 1975 because it was essential “that future generations not be left a legacy of vanished or depleted resources, resulting in massive environmental, social and financial impact.” ORS 469.010 also says that “It is the goal of Oregon to promote the efficient use of energy resources and to develop permanently sustainable energy resources.”

The Energy Department helps implement the state’s energy goals and policies through its Planning, Policy and Technical Assistance Division, administers programs such as incentives and loans under the Energy Development Services Division and ensures a reliable supply of energy through the Energy Facility Siting Division. The Nuclear Safety and Emergency Planning Division works to protect the Columbia River and Oregonians from leaking nuclear and chemical waste at Washington’s Hanford Nuclear Site.

The department offers a variety of programs, services and technical assistance that help businesses, residents, tribes, schools, local governments and nonprofits around the state meet their energy goals. This includes energy loans; business energy incentives (grants and tax credits); residential energy incentives; siting of large energy facilitates; climate change; nuclear safety, emergency preparedness and petroleum contingency and alternative transportation, infrastructure and fuels.

In 2011, the Oregon Legislature made significant changes to the state’s energy tax credit programs. House Bill 3672 eliminated the Business Energy Tax Credit and changed the Biomass Producer or Collector Tax Credit. The bill “capped” conservation tax credits and eliminated incentives for energy efficient appliances and alternative transportation fuels. In addition, the bill created a grant program to encourage installation of renewable energy production systems. The department's new Energy Incentives Program took effect on Jan. 1, 2012.

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