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The Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI) is an educational organization based in the U.S. state of Oregon dedicated to forestry issues, including improving public understanding of the state's forest resources and encouraging environmentally sound forest management. It provides education, training and publications for forest landowners, students and teachers, and the general public. It also produces research on forest science and current issues.[1] OFRI's seven-member staff is located in Portland.[2]


OFRI was created by the Oregon Legislative Assembly in 1991 and is funded by a dedicated forest-products harvest tax.[1] It is governed by a 13-member board of directors who represent small, medium and large forest producers, small woodland owners, forest sector employees, academia and the general public. The Oregon State Forester appoints 11 members. The others are ex officio: the dean of Oregon State University College of Forestry and a public representative appointed by the president of the Oregon State Senate and speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives.[3]

Landowner education[edit]

OFRI provides workshops, publications and conferences focused on recent science and advances in forest management practices. Its programs are available to both large and small forestland owners.[4]

Student and teacher education[edit]

OFRI's K-12 forestry education programs reach more than 100,000 students and more than 1,000 educators annually.[4] Its Oregon Forest Literacy Program includes a forest education conceptual framework correlated with state education standards that offer educators guidance for developing classroom lessons related to forests. Student programs include classroom presentations, career events, publications, field tours and activities. Teacher training also includes support for workshops and conferences.[4]

OFRI manages the Rediscovery Forest, a forested area used for educational purposes and to demonstrate diverse Oregon wildlife habitat and forest ecosystems.[5] The Rediscovery Forest is located in the Oregon Garden, in Silverton.

Public education[edit]

To increase public understanding about Oregon forests and their management, OFRI produces educational spots aired on broadcast and cable television; print, radio and Internet advertising; and online newsletters.[6] It offers a speakers bureau, and co-sponsors and supports conferences and forest field trips.[4]


OFRI maintains a library of approximately 70 titles that includes special reports, fact sheets, research reports, pocket reference guides and career information, all available at OFRI's website.[6] It publishes an annual report each year in the fall.[4]

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