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Orga Systems GmbH
Type LLC
Industry Software, Programming, Telecommunications
Founded Paderborn (2003)
Headquarters Paderborn, Germany
Key people Wolfgang Kroh, CEO, Johannes Nussbickel, CFO, Dr Ralf Guckert, CTO

GOLD Convergent Charging and Billing, GOLD Catalog and Order Management, GOLD Smart Prepaid Utility Billing, Interconnect Billing, Inventory and Number Management System, Virtual Voucher System, SIMtelligence Center, SIMtelligence Center GSM-R


Orga Systems is a medium-sized billing company based in Paderborn, Germany, and more than 20 additional locations worldwide.

As one of the pioneers in prepaid billing it provides Billing and Customer Care systems (BCC) to mobile operators for fifteen years, including launching the world’s first GSM prepaid billing system in 1994.

Orga Systems provides a suite of real-time solutions and offerings.[clarification needed] Orga Systems has lately compiled a world record,handling 150+ M subs on a single real-time convergent platform with less than 3.9 ms rating latency while having 33% less hardware costs using parallel blade technology.[clarification needed][citation needed]

Orga Systems currently serves more than 400 million subscribers worldwide.[citation needed] Current customers include Astelit, Life:)_Belarus, América Móvil, Digitel Venezuela, Entel, Kcell, Meditel, mobilkom austria, Orange, sunrise, Telecom Italia Mobile, TIM Brasil, and Telecom Personal Argentina.[citation needed]

Orga Systems’ solution supports carriers from 50,000 to 65+ million subscribers. 650 employees in Germany, Italy, India, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Argentina and Brasil work at Orga Systems.

More than 40 mobile network operators in Continental and Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Latin and Central Americas use Orga Systems' products and solutions.[citation needed]

Orga Systems won the IIR World Billing Award in the category "Overall Best- Contribution to BSS" in London in 2007. In 2008 it has won the TMForum 2008 Excellence Awards in the category "Most Innovative Application of Customer Care" for its product Virtual Voucher in Nice. For its Virtual Voucher, Orga Systems has also been awarded the GTB's Innovation Awards 2008 in the category "Emerging Market Service Innovation". In 2009 Orga Systems has also been awarded the “Top Job” prize for exceptional human resource management. The solid communications and corporate cultures has been of special denotation. Again in 2010 Orga Systems has been awarded the GTB's Innovation Award in the category "Convergent billing innovation".


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